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Fushun  Lusheng  Machine  Co.,  Ltd.

Fushun Lusheng Machine Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in stamping, welding, machining product and stamping mould by OEM.

Our company is located in Fushun Huashan Industrial Park and established in 2000 year. The area of our company is over 10000m
²and our team consists of 50 employees. We are providing various OEM metal fabrications which combine stamping, welding, machining process to domestic and overseas customers. Specially, we have much rich experience and strong capability in stamping mould.

Our products are widely applied in the fields of military logistics, tires, petroleum, aircraft, safety, etc. As the supplier of Shenyang Michelin Tires, we have been providing serial fixture project. We also successfully produced large steel mould for German Hess Group. Moreover, water filter equipment, oil furnace, water box, oil box and kitchen tools are successively developed by us and supplied to Chinese Military Logistics. We have been providing kinds of product to overseas customer in Australia, America, Ukraine, Russia, UK, France, Belgium, etc.

Our team is ready to work with your ideas or blueprints and supply best service to you. We sincerely welcome your visiting and cooperation.



FUSHUN LUSHENG MACHINE CO.,LTD.  Address:No.2 D Area,Huashan Industrial Park,Fushun,China
Tel:+86 24 5383 6800   Fax:+86 24 5383 6808
Email:[email protected]   Siteurl:   

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